Emergency lighting

Luxon includes fully automated emergency lighting test procedures compliant to fire and safety code regulations. All periodical tests are documented and potential notifications are reported to the designated recipients.

  • Real time fixture status insight
  • Automated periodical function and duration (battery discharge) test
  • Error battery capacity notification
  • Auditable reporting trail
  • Customizable test schedules
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A safer place with Emergency Lighting that works when you need it

For commercial and industrial businesses struggling with periodical test requirements and maintenance of emergency lighting, Luxon is a connected lighting solution that fully automates emergency lighting test procedures compliant to fire and safety code regulations. Unlike other solutions Luxon operates wirelessly and supports multiple OEM fixture brands independent of technology.

How the Emergency Lighting works?

After installation all emergency lighting fixtures and exit signs fitted with Luxon IoT node have to be assigned to the appropriate floorplan. Set up your Luxon account online. Once done the fixtures will automatically appear. Enter the Emergency Lighting section to set desired testing and notification parameters and access historical data with reporting trail.


  • Compliance with Fire and Safety regulations – EN 1838, EN 62034, EN 50172 (EU) / BS5266 (GB) – UL924
  • Fully automated
  • Wireless, real-time, remote insights
  • Preventive maintenance options
  • Integrable with other Luxon applications
  • Easy implementation


  • Decentral emergency lighting installations and fixtures with onboard battery back-up
  • Emergency escape and stand-by lighting

“With Luxon you have the right light, at the right time and in the right place with no waste of energy”